Clancy Metzger
About me...a brief biography in 115 words

I am a writer.  David Farland (aka Dave Wolverton) said, in his Daily Kick in the Pants emails, "we become writers by degrees. When you begin writing, you’re a writer."  I thought this was genius and so inspiring.  So, I am a writer.  I am also, however, working diligently on being a published and proven author. 


There are a plethora of things that make me happy.  Among them - my grandson, my kids, my mom, my pets, my friends, my car, books, movies, cooking, learning, Spongebob Squarepants, snow, traveling, NFL season, Coca-Cola memorabilia, basking in the sun, road-trips, Atlas Shrugged, my Leg Lamp, wombats, rain, popcorn, and of course - writing. 

I think that sums me up in a nutshell... unless your curious about the silly things below  :)


Me and a Blue Man in Las Vegas

  Me and a Blue Man in Las Vegas


Drink:  Water or Live Wire                                                Food: Potato chips, Cheddar Goldfish crackers, and pork (in any form)
Authors:  Ayn Rand                                                           Romance Authors: Joey W. Hill, Nora Roberts & Sherilyn Kenyon
Books: Atlas Shrugged and Rough Canvas                         Music and Movies: Too many to name
Activity: Watching movies and traveling                          Writing activity:  Research and new writing
Flower: Antherium                                                            Color: Depends... but mostly Red, Black or Olive Drab
Cartoon Character: Spongebob Squarepants                  Superhero: Batman and Wolverine
Board Game: Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit                        Video Game: Dr. Mario and Pac-Man
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