Clancy Metzger



Current Work in Progress:
Erotic Romance Short Story, contemporary BDSM                                                                                          
His Gift    

This is the story of a Lara, new to the BDSM lifestyle, she is discovering her sexual self and falling in love along the way.  Kade is experienced in the lifestyle, but emotionally unavailable and guarded... until he meets Lara.                                                                              

  Work in Progress:
  Erotic Romance Novella, Paranormal w/BDSM Elements
  The Alchemy of Desire
  I worte this originally as a 3000 word short, but I liked the concept enough I am expanding it out. 

  Witches and Warlocks and Sex, Oh My!

Paranormal Romance
A Guardian's Destiny

So, I've quit on this one for now.  Not good enough yet for public consumption - it may never be.  First romance novel and all.... sad, but true. 

I still plan on writing the second book, which may then become the first book because it may be better all around.  Let's hope. 

I co-authored a book with Sam Cosby called The Ceruladons: Blue Dreams Rain to TearsYou can check out the Ceruladons website here The Ceruladons or find  on Amazon here.

The Adventures of Ian and G

I am working to find an agent and/or publisher for My Adventures of Ian and G picture books.

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